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5 days ago

Toronto lab processes its one millionth COVID-19 test

Technicians at Shared Hospital Laboratory have been working 24/7 since March 2020 to process COVID tests for four of Toronto’s largest hospitals.
13 days ago

By Canada Day, more than two-thirds of Ottawans may be vaccinated against COVID-19

The city’s public health officials expect to receive enough doses to vaccinate around 680,000 people by July 1.
a month ago

Just how safe is your bubble?

The Canadian Medical Association has launched to help Canadians better understand how to protect themselves against COVID-19.
a month ago

Pandemic worries keeping you awake? Insomniac doctor shares the tips that work for him

Dr. Brian Goldman says these five things can improve your nightly rest and help you cope with sleeplessness.
2 months ago

A new aerosol containment device may help reduce COVID-19 exposure for healthcare personnel

Developed in Edmonton by healthcare solutions start-up company MACH32, the Aerosol Containment Tent creates a negative pressure zone around a patient’s head during airway procedures, to protect healthcare personnel from infectious aerosols.
2 months ago

Need info about COVID-19 in Punjabi? This med student has you covered

Surrey, home to a large Sikh community and Sukhmeet Singh Sachal wanted to make sure they knew how serious the pandemic was and what they should be doing to take care.
2 months ago

New study shows face masks don’t reduce your ability to breathe while exercising

Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan have shown that healthy people get enough oxygen and perform equally well during masked exercise
3 months ago

100,000 rapid COVID-19 tests have arrived in Canada

The federal government says the tests, which do not need to be sent to a lab for processing, are being distributed to provinces as needed, and many more are on the way
3 months ago

Public health units offer Canadians advice for a COVID-safe Halloween

Health officials remind people to continue mask use, hand-washing and physical distancing but offer some tips for safe ways to have fun
3 months ago

Flu shot rollout in Saskatchewan a trial run for COVID-19 vaccinations

This year the province is ordering more flu vaccines and making them available in more locations than ever, in a widespread approach that health authorities are considering practice for a potential COVID-19 vaccine.
3 months ago

Crowd control efforts at Kemptville testing site modelled after those at Disney theme parks

Dr. Suzanne Rutherford, a fan of Disney theme parks, has designed the appointment system at the North Grenville COVID-19 testing site to function like the FastPass system, cutting down on long lines and wait times.
3 months ago

New family immunity study at CHEO

Researchers at CHEO are investigating why some family members do not contract COVID-19, despite living in the same house with someone who has tested positive for the virus. The study aims to help scientists better understand individual immune response, including how long it lasts.
4 months ago

Containing an outbreak in remote communities: lessons learned from Canada’s largest COVID-19 outbreak in an Indigenous community

Establishing frank, clear communications, collaborating with local leaders, and employing creative problem solving are among the most effective efforts employed in containing an outbreak in northwestern Saskatchewan, and the lessons learned could help other remote, rural areas.
4 months ago

Health Canada approves first COVID-19 rapid test

Abbott Diagnostics' ID Now test can produce results in under 15 minutes, and does not require a specimen to be sent to a lab for analysis.
4 months ago

Remdesivir has more than one mechanism for treating patients with COVID-19, according to new research from the U of A

The antiviral drug remdesivir inhibits the virus’ ability to replicate, researchers now say it can act as a roadblock against the spread of coronavirus in the body.
4 months ago

Lambton County opens student-only assessment centres

A county in southwestern Ontario has opened COVID-19 testing sites dedicated to school children, in order to reduce the waiting time kids have for test results.
4 months ago

Swish, gargle and spit: a made in B.C. solution for COVID testing kids

A less invasive procedure than the nasal swab test, a new mouth rinse test is being introduced in B.C. for testing students from kindergarten to grade 12.
4 months ago

Pooled testing shown to reduce labour, increase capacity

Alberta Health Services is looking to introduce a widespread pooling strategy for COVID-19 testing, to save resources and increase turnaround time.
4 months ago

Studying the spit test: research suggests saliva testing could still play a role in COVID-19 assessments

A researcher at the Ottawa Hospital studied the feasibility of saliva testing as an assessment tool in remote communities or other challenging populations.
5 months ago

New initiative facilitates translation of COVID-19 information into Indigenous languages

"Since the pandemic began, many Indigenous Peoples have been left behind due to COVID-19 information not being accessible in their languages. Our goal is to bridge this gap by working directly with Indigenous community members to facilitate the translation of accurate COVID-19 information into their local languages."
5 months ago

Antibody study out of Iceland renews hope of lasting immunity

Tests on over 30,000 Icelanders have revealed that coronavirus antibodies last for at least four months, which is good news for vaccine development.
5 months ago

Healthcare providers offer advice for kids and parents worried about back-to-school

Staff from Trillium Health Partners offered some tips and advice for parents and children preparing to return to the classroom.
5 months ago

Groundbreaking molecular studies in London, ON identify ways to predict the severity of illness

Two new studies out of the Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University have identified biomarkers that can predict the severity of patient illness, as well as how blood clots develop in some patients with COVID-19.
5 months ago

CHEO doctor discusses getting back to school safely during COVID-19

CBC radio spoke with pediatric infectious disease specialist Dr. Nisha Thampi about how to keep students, teachers, and staff safer in schools during the ongoing pandemic.
5 months ago

New language guide addresses misinformation and stigma around COVID-19

The BC Centre for Disease Control has released a new language guide for writing about COVID-19. The aim is to make content more inclusive and to reduce stigma and unnecessary fears.
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