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2 days ago

COVID Alert smartphone application now available in Ontario

The app uses Bluetooth to determine whether your phone has been in close contact with the phone of another app user who reports testing positive for COVID-19.
8 days ago

Health Canada approves use of remdesivir to treat COVID-19 patients

Antiviral medication has been shown to shorten COVID-19 recovery time by 31%.
15 days ago

Protecting cancer patients from COVID-19

A new clinical trial led by Ottawa Hospital researchers focuses on stimulating the immunity of cancer patients, to prevent COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses that could cause delays in treatment.
16 days ago

Dr. Jane Philpott co-edits 'Vulnerable', a comprehensive textbook on COVID-19

The former Liberal cabinet minister, along with several colleagues, collaborated to edit the new publication, titled Vulnerable: The Law, Policy and Ethics of COVID-19.
17 days ago

Several COVID-19 antibody studies underway in Quebec

Quebec research will reveal prevalence of COVID-19 antibodies in general population and specific vulnerable groups.
19 days ago

Canadian-made antimicrobial mask coating found to deactivate 99% of the virus that causes COVID-19

Developed by a Quebec company, and tested at the University of Toronto, this new mask coating could be beneficial to healthcare workers.
a month ago

New cannabis strains may prevent the most fatal respiratory effects of the novel coronavirus

University of Lethbridge researchers are developing cannabis strains to potentially treat or even prevent COVID-19 infections.
a month ago

Studying antibodies may shed light on long term immunity of a population

New research at U of A examines antibody concentrations of resolved COVID-19 infections.
a month ago

Fighting fake news: a new online library resource at U of T tackles COVID-19 misinformation

News stories about the coronavirus are constant, but the information is not always reliable. Gerstein Science Information Centre librarian Vincci Lui has created an accessible tip sheet offering fact-checking resources for U of T researchers, students and faculty members.
a month ago

Quebec reinstates daily COVID-19 reporting after backlash

The Quebec government resumed publishing COVID-19 statistics on Monday.
a month ago

What if you could eat the cure?

A University of Ottawa plant biologist and a senior scientist at The Ottawa Hospital are researching a plant-based, edible vaccine for the novel coronavirus.
a month ago

Tendances encourageantes à Ottawa

Un seul nouveau cas de COVID-19 a été reporté durant les dernières 24 heures à Ottawa.
2 months ago

Canadian doctors impressed by Oxford dexamethasone study

In findings released this week, Oxford University researchers hailed dexamethasone as the first drug that can improve COVID-19 survival.
2 months ago

Quebec doctors call for masks to be mandatory in closed public spaces

Fearing a second wave of COVID-19, Quebec's healthcare workers are asking the government to make wearing a mask mandatory in public.
2 months ago

Public Health officials in Ottawa seek to understand the intersection of race and COVID-19

Ottawa Public Health is gathering race and socio-economic data from COVID-19 patients, in an effort to better serve at-risk communities.
2 months ago

London hospital workers wearing larger photo ID badges to reassure patients

Staff at London Health Sciences Centre clip the bigger photos of themselves dressed casually and smiling to the outside of their PPE, so patients can see what they look like underneath.
2 months ago

Online farmers' market housed in a Dartmouth theatre keeping vendors and customers connected

Alderney Landing Community Centre’s theatre and farmers’ market had to close due to COVID-19, but employees are sorting and fulfilling online orders for curbside pickup.
2 months ago

VIDÉO: Le déconfinement expliqué aux enfants

Avec autant de confusion, inquiétude, et de questions reliées à la COVID-19, voici une vidéo pour aider les jeunes à comprendre le déconfinement.
3 months ago

Medical professionals help people with hearing loss stay informed and connected during COVID-19 crisis

Many people who are deaf or hard of hearing need to see a speaker’s face to help them communicate effectively, so it’s important to help them get the information they need.
3 months ago

CHEO’s virtual emergency room will help parents decide if kids need to go to the hospital

The new service offers video appointments where a doctor will assess the child’s condition and advise parents whether they need to come to the emergency department.
3 months ago

New Brunswick reports no new COVID-19 cases for 16th day in a row

"We have come a long way, but we are still vulnerable. Our province is still under a state of emergency, and we must continue to follow the advice of Public Health."
3 months ago

Un million de personnes guéries du coronavirus dans le monde

Les données ont été compilées, et la nouvelle est positive.
3 months ago

Toronto OB-GYNs and family doctors create online Pandemic Pregnancy Guide

The guide is intended to help alleviate concerns and provide useful information to expectant and new parents who may be concerned about protecting their families during the pandemic.
3 months ago

VIDEO: Dr. Marcia Anderson answers her kids' COVID-19 questions

Dr. Anderson answers her daughters’ questions with clear and concise explanations, while making room for them to express their own observations and feelings.
3 months ago

VIDEO: Got questions about the new COVID-19 rapid test? Watch this.

Ottawa-based Spartan Bioscience has negotiated contracts with the Federal Government, as well as three provincial governments, for large quantities of the rapid test.