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a minute ago

Swish, gargle and spit: a made in B.C. solution for COVID testing kids

A less invasive procedure than the nasal swab test, a new mouth rinse test is being introduced in B.C. for testing students from kindergarten to grade 12.
7 days ago

Pooled testing shown to reduce labour, increase capacity

Alberta Health Services is looking to introduce a widespread pooling strategy for COVID-19 testing, to save resources and increase turnaround time.
9 days ago

Studying the spit test: research suggests saliva testing could still play a role in COVID-19 assessments

A researcher at the Ottawa Hospital studied the feasibility of saliva testing as an assessment tool in remote communities or other challenging populations.
16 days ago

New initiative facilitates translation of COVID-19 information into Indigenous languages

"Since the pandemic began, many Indigenous Peoples have been left behind due to COVID-19 information not being accessible in their languages. Our goal is to bridge this gap by working directly with Indigenous community members to facilitate the translation of accurate COVID-19 information into their local languages."
16 days ago

Antibody study out of Iceland renews hope of lasting immunity

Tests on over 30,000 Icelanders have revealed that coronavirus antibodies last for at least four months, which is good news for vaccine development.
17 days ago

Healthcare providers offer advice for kids and parents worried about back-to-school

Staff from Trillium Health Partners offered some tips and advice for parents and children preparing to return to the classroom.
21 days ago

Groundbreaking molecular studies in London, ON identify ways to predict the severity of illness

Two new studies out of the Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University have identified biomarkers that can predict the severity of patient illness, as well as how blood clots develop in some patients with COVID-19.
a month ago

CHEO doctor discusses getting back to school safely during COVID-19

CBC radio spoke with pediatric infectious disease specialist Dr. Nisha Thampi about how to keep students, teachers, and staff safer in schools during the ongoing pandemic.
a month ago

New language guide addresses misinformation and stigma around COVID-19

The BC Centre for Disease Control has released a new language guide for writing about COVID-19. The aim is to make content more inclusive and to reduce stigma and unnecessary fears.
a month ago

Exploring alternate infection pathways for COVID-19

Researchers from McMaster and the University of Waterloo received funding to investigate how the SARS-CoV-2 virus enters the body, and how that can inform care of at-risk individuals.
a month ago

Mask study: N95 respirator best, neck fleece worst at preventing COVID-19 infection

A comparative study of 14 different mask designs provides insight and guidance for keeping Canadians safe.
a month ago

Asymptomatic testing now available at Alberta pharmacies

After running a successful pilot program, Alberta Health Services has recently expanded efforts to provide coronavirus testing to asymptomatic individuals at local pharmacies.
a month ago

COVID Alert smartphone application now available in Ontario

The app uses Bluetooth to determine whether your phone has been in close contact with the phone of another app user who reports testing positive for COVID-19.
2 months ago

Health Canada approves use of remdesivir to treat COVID-19 patients

Antiviral medication has been shown to shorten COVID-19 recovery time by 31%.
2 months ago

Protecting cancer patients from COVID-19

A new clinical trial led by Ottawa Hospital researchers focuses on stimulating the immunity of cancer patients, to prevent COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses that could cause delays in treatment.
2 months ago

Dr. Jane Philpott co-edits 'Vulnerable', a comprehensive textbook on COVID-19

The former Liberal cabinet minister, along with several colleagues, collaborated to edit the new publication, titled Vulnerable: The Law, Policy and Ethics of COVID-19.
2 months ago

Several COVID-19 antibody studies underway in Quebec

Quebec research will reveal prevalence of COVID-19 antibodies in general population and specific vulnerable groups.
2 months ago

Canadian-made antimicrobial mask coating found to deactivate 99% of the virus that causes COVID-19

Developed by a Quebec company, and tested at the University of Toronto, this new mask coating could be beneficial to healthcare workers.
2 months ago

New cannabis strains may prevent the most fatal respiratory effects of the novel coronavirus

University of Lethbridge researchers are developing cannabis strains to potentially treat or even prevent COVID-19 infections.
2 months ago

Studying antibodies may shed light on long term immunity of a population

New research at U of A examines antibody concentrations of resolved COVID-19 infections.
2 months ago

Fighting fake news: a new online library resource at U of T tackles COVID-19 misinformation

News stories about the coronavirus are constant, but the information is not always reliable. Gerstein Science Information Centre librarian Vincci Lui has created an accessible tip sheet offering fact-checking resources for U of T researchers, students and faculty members.
3 months ago

Quebec reinstates daily COVID-19 reporting after backlash

The Quebec government resumed publishing COVID-19 statistics on Monday.
3 months ago

What if you could eat the cure?

A University of Ottawa plant biologist and a senior scientist at The Ottawa Hospital are researching a plant-based, edible vaccine for the novel coronavirus.
3 months ago

Tendances encourageantes à Ottawa

Un seul nouveau cas de COVID-19 a été reporté durant les dernières 24 heures à Ottawa.
3 months ago

Canadian doctors impressed by Oxford dexamethasone study

In findings released this week, Oxford University researchers hailed dexamethasone as the first drug that can improve COVID-19 survival.
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