101-year-old man recovers from COVID-19 in the comfort of his own home

Clément Maltais beat the virus without spending a single day in hospital.
By: Julien Dussault
May 20, 2020
Photo: provided by the Maltais family

After spending a month fighting the COVID-19 virus, Clément Maltais tested negative for it in early May.

He began exhibiting symptoms in April and tested positive for the virus, but made his family aware that he was wholeheartedly against going to a hospital, even if his old age put him at greater risk of complications. His daughters accepted his decision and took turns taking care of him at his Sept-Îles home.

Care and love from his extended family and community were crucial elements of Clément's recovery. On May 3, they even organized a small parade in front of his home. "We went around the house, we were 16 vehicles in total; bicycles, four-wheel drives, motorcycles," said Shanna Maltais, his granddaughter.

Maltais took a second test soon after, and the results came back negative this time, to everyone's relief. His family says Maltais's condition continues to improve day by day.

Source: CBC News



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