12 Days of Kindness: Our favourite stories of 2020 is all about telling stories of those making an impact on the front lines of Canadian health care and sharing acts of kindness and joy during these challenging times.
By: Editors
December 25, 2020
12 Days of Kindness
12 Days of Kindness

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It's been a very challenging time for Canadians in the 10 months since we launched, and as we approach the end of the calendar year, we could all use a little more joy. That's why we've planned a special series to keep sparking conversation about acts of #covidkindness in our communities.

Join the editors of as we celebrate volunteers and health care heroes, the generosity of people everywhere in Canada, and the heartwarming moments that sometimes just brighten our days. For our team of writers and editors behind the blog, these are 12 of the most memorable stories we heard since our project was launched (during the March 2020 lockdown).

Speaking for ourselves—a group of news junkies and social media users—these extraordinary stories made the difference when some days we just felt like "checking out" from the pandemic news altogether. Every one of these 12 people (and more!) touched us in a way that we'll remember their stories long after COVID-19 ends.

For the next 12 days, we'll be updating this blog post daily with our favourite stories. We also want to create space for you to tell us about the small acts of #covidkindness that have helped you or brightened your day. Our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages are positive communities where you can share a story about a gesture that meant a lot to you, or write a special thank you message to a volunteer or health care worker in your life.

Day 1: The Plywood Store

Day 2: The RV Donation

Day 3: The Chicken Dinner

Day 4: The Bike Shop

Day 5: The Resto Owner

Day 6: The Fundraisers

Day 7: The Giveaway

Day 8: The Pianist

Day 9: The Translator

Day 10: The Mask Makers - Story 1, Story 2

Day 11: The Library

Day 12: The Champ