26hr photo project: "...we helped a lot of kids, we did some good stuff."

This photo series by a resident doctor in Calgary documents the stories of physicians before and after their call.
By: Rebecca Hay
April 25, 2020
Photo: Rebecca Hay (Instagram)

Dr Roopa Suppiah says: "This was one of those nights where we were so busy, but at the end, you feel accomplished. We did a lot, we helped a lot of kids, we did some good stuff." Swipe right below to see Dr. Suppiah before and after her call.

About 26hr photo project: Photographer Rebecca Hay is a resident physician training in Pediatrics in Calgary. "Physicians commonly work shifts up to 26 hours long—often without breaks or sleep, caring for families and vulnerable people. A lot can happen in that time, both beautiful and exhausting. I started the photo project "26hr" to highlight the human aspect of medicine and the incredible people working these shifts, and to explore their stories and perceptions."

Rebecca is on Instagram as @liferecaptured.

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