An app created in Ottawa to help families track immunizations could be a useful tool for COVID-19 vaccinations

A pilot project for Clinic Flow, a new technology based on the CANImmuize app, is considered a trial run for the complicated public health challenge of delivering and tracking COVID-19 vaccines.
By: Heather Marie Connors
November 27, 2020
Photo provided.

CANImmuize was created by Dr. Kumanan Wilson, a physician and researcher at The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. Originally created as an app to replace the “yellow card” system of tracking children’s immunizations, a new version called Clinic Flow is being used at the Bruyère Hospital to streamline their flu shot clinic process. Even with the additional requirements for PPE and distancing, with the help of the app the clinic is able to handle three patients every 15 minutes, and they’re looking to increase that number to four.

“Flu shots are more important than ever this year,” said Dr. Sufian Zayed, unit director of Bruyère’s family medicine centre. “The response has been phenomenal.”

Scaled up, the features of the app could assist in the complicated endeavour that will be immunizing Canadians against COVID-19. Vaccination records will be important for tracking the safety and effectiveness of the different vaccines available. Medical practitioners will need a reliable tool for reminding patients about when to get their shots, including over time the possible need for booster shots.

There is also a strong likelihood that people will be motivated to carry an electronic record of their COVID-19 immunizations, and that proof of immunization may be needed for attending large public gatherings, or travelling internationally.

More than simply an electronic record, the app can provide reminders, updates, and vaccine recommendations. Funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada, CANImmuize currently has 100,000 users.

Source: Ottawa Citizen


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