B.C. boy fundraises to buy snacks for health care workers fighting COVID-19

Nine-year-old Bear Yeung raised $3,000 to donate energy bars and drinks to workers at his local hospital.
By: Alison Larabie Chase
April 10, 2020
Kevin Yeung
Kevin Yeung

Health care workers putting in long hours to fight against COVID-19 need healthy snacks and proper hydration. That’s what an emergency room doctor told nine-year-old Bear Yeung, who lives in North Vancouver. That doctor is a friend of Bear’s father, and their conversation inspired a fundraising campaign to donate energy bars and electrolyte drinks to workers at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, where Bear lives with his family.

Bear put in $70 of his own money to start things off, then started calling around to everyone he knows, inviting them to donate. A family friend also set up an online donation page. In the end, Bear raised over $3,000, and has already helped drop off a carload of snacks and beverages to hospital workers, with more planned for the near future.

Source: CBC News, Daily Hive