Canadian who developed a low-cost ventilator makes his design available for free

Retired medical professional John Strupat of London, ON wants his design to be available for "anyone from anywhere."
By: Greggory Clark
March 27, 2020
Photo: Colin Butler/CBC News

John Strupat, a retired respiratory therapist who invented this low-cost, portable and easy to make ventilator, has opted to make his design open source; available to anyone online.

Amid a critical shortage of ventilators globally, Strupat's prototype could be patented for lucrative financial returns. However, the London, ON man's selfless decision is what makes him one of today's Health Care Heroes. Going open source with his designs will allow manufacturers worldwide to begin production as soon as possible.

His design costs about $500 per unit—a fraction of the $25,000 design currently used at Canadian hospitals.

Source: CBC News


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