Impromptu quarantine game show raises $15K for local business

Perth local Ryan Murphy’s game, “Car, Car, Truck,” generates silly fun with real community impact.
By: Heather Marie Connors
June 05, 2020
Photo: Jean Delisle/CBC

“Car, Car, Truck” is as simple as it sounds. When 43-year-old teacher-turned-game-show host Ryan Murphy announced “it’s time” and pointed his camera toward the street, online contestants would guess the next three vehicles to pass. Would it be a car and two trucks? A truck, a car and a motorcycle?

At its peak this DIY socially distant game show was attracting an average of 600 viewers per day, 5 days a week. At the end of a 48-episode run, thanks to a donation from A & B Ford in Perth, Murphy awarded the grand prize: a one-year lease on a 2020 SUV.

Along the way, prize donations from the public amounted to $15,000 being put back into the area economy, mostly in the form of gift certificates to local businesses.

"All these small businesses are the ones that we constantly go to to raise money for sports, to raise money for our schools, to raise money for everything that our youth really do around here. And they always respond. So it was a chance for us to give back to them," Murphy told CBC.

Source: CBC Ottawa


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