Check this app before heading to your grocery store to see what’s available

Saskatchewan professor Dr. Melanie Morrison created the crowd-sourced What’s in Stock app to help people prevent wasted trips to the store during COVID-19.
By: Alison Larabie Chase
May 26, 2020
Photo: Keenan Sorokan/650 CKOM

Right now, going to the grocery store makes a lot of people anxious and frustrated—especially when you get there and the items you want are completely sold out. So a University of Saskatchewan psychology professor, Dr. Melanie Morrison, built an app called What’s in Stock? that lets you check on your local grocery store’s current supply of staple items (like eggs, yeast, milk, flour, and cleaning wipes) before you head over there.

The information in the app is crowd-sourced, so shoppers can provide updates to the store’s stock levels (categories are a lot, a little, or none) after they get home. The app is available for communities across Canada, but relies on local folks to keep it up-to-date, so if you’re out there shopping, consider posting some information about your nearby grocery store's stocks to help others save time and stay safe.

Source: 650 CKOM News



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