NS teacher 3D printing "ear savers" for health care workers

Tim Coombs has distributed 17,000 to date and continues daily production.
By: Julien Dussault
May 21, 2020
Photo: CBC News

Tim Coombs, a Cole Harbour, NS high school teacher, has been busy 3D printing thousands of ear savers for frontline workers. Ear savers consist of a piece of plastic worn at the back of the head that users can attach a mask to, to avoid strain on the ears. The savers are especially appreciated by health care workers who are often required to wear masks during long shifts. At first, Coombs was making ear savers for only a handful of people, but as word got out the demand grew. Coombs has now manufactured and distributed over 17,000 to frontline workers across Nova Scotia.

When other local schools heard about Coombs' initiative, the Halifax County Local Teacher's Union loaned him two extra 3D printers, and stepped in to purchase additional materials so he could continue to meet the increased demand. A local courier even offered to distribute them across the province free of charge.

Tim plans on continuing his production as long as there is still demand for them.

Source: CBC News



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