“Coping with COVID”: a new weekly webcast from Windsor Regional Hospital

Starting this week, an online information session featuring a recovered COVID patient alongside medical experts will address questions about COVID-19 from anyone in the community.
By: Heather Marie Connors
November 18, 2020

June Muir contracted the virus in early March during a brief trip to New York. Once back in Windsor, healthcare providers could not answer a lot of questions she had about the illness, because it was so new. Now eight months later, Muir is looking to share what she learned during her long difficult journey with COVID-19, as well as provide a platform for people to ask questions directly to medical experts.

Muir pitched her idea for a live question and answer session to Windsor Regional Hospital CEO David Musyj, and together they created “Coping with COVID”, a weekly webcast that will stream on Wednesdays via the Windsor Regional Hospital’s Facebook page.

“I think by sharing my own personal COVID experience, it will help let people ask questions and get answers,” Muir said. “They might be at home dealing with COVID or have family members who have the virus. They can ask experts or hear about my experiences. They might have the same symptoms and be able to realize what they are going through is normal.”

The first session will feature Muir and Dr. Natalie Malus, the medical director of critical care. On Nov.25th, the focus will be on mental health with an educator from the Canadian Mental Health Association. And on Dec.2nd, the online session will centre on research, with a discussion of ways to treat and prevent the virus, and what is currently taking place in Windsor-Essex.

Source: Windsor Star


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