Creative Ottawa teacher engages students during pandemic

Nadia Amimi has worn a different costume every day for the past ten weeks while hosting trivia for children.
By: Stewart Wiseman
June 10, 2020
Photo: CTV News

Social distancing measures have forced the classroom into the virtual world, and some parents have voiced their difficulties in keeping their children engaged while learning through video-conferencing. Nadia Amimi of Nepean High School has managed to keep students eager for online learning, while becoming more creative herself. Amimi uses trivia as a learning tool with her high school calculus students, and began hosting morning trivia for children aged seven to twelve during the pandemic. While trivia itself is an engaging learning method, Amimi makes each session more fun for children through her variety of costumes and characters.

Amimi has worn a different costume every day for the last ten weeks, and says that she's endured many sleepless nights trying to think of new entertaining personas. One recent class featured Nadia dressed as a chef, complete with chef hat and whisk. "Are you ready for a bit of trivia that I whipped up for you today?" she asked her class while whisking an empty bowl. Working with bristle boards and overlooked clothing at the back of her closet, Amimi has created costumes as varied as the Cat in the Hat, the Statue of Liberty, Pippi Longstocking, and Chewbacca. Amimi has pushed the creative boundaries of the children as well by encouraging them to dress up for different daily themes, such as "Mustache Mondays." Amimi says that she wouldn't have described herself as a creative person before the pandemic, but is proud that the costumes have helped create a morning ritual where children "love to learn."

Source: CTV News



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