Health care workers share their artistic endeavours on new website

University of Ottawa medical students built the online space Creating through COVID so that health workers from around the world can post and share art inspired by the pandemic.
By: Alison Larabie Chase
June 05, 2020
Screenshot from Creating through COVID.

Art is known to be a therapeutic way to deal with stress and anxiety, and so is sharing how we feel with others. So a group of med students at the University of Ottawa have built a website, Creating through COVID, where health care workers and students can submit artistic works that include writing, visual art, photography, video of dance, dramatic or musical performance, and craft.

Team member Lidia hopes the online community will help participants and viewers “reflect and unify,” while Nadin says her wish is that “we can empower and connect others through these artistic channels.” Anyone working in the medical field, from anywhere around the world, can submit a piece of art to Creating through COVID. The site also offers a listing of wellness resources for Canadian health professionals to access.

Source: Creating through COVID

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