"I manage a grocery store. Here's some things everyone should know."

Grocery store owner pens a heartfelt letter to customers urging kindness.
By: Julien Dussault
April 15, 2020
Posted at a FreshCo in Toronto. Photo: Amy Elizabeth.

After having had enough of some shoppers' behaviour in his store, the owner of a Windsor Freshco wrote an open letter to all customers that frequent his store. The letter was posted on a Facebook group and from there, went viral.

The letter is mostly a numbered list that calls out many shoppers' subpar treatment of his employees at the store. It begins with: "I manage a grocery store. Here's some things everyone should know."

He starts by listing off answers to angry questions his employees are faced with everyday, and that if something is not on the shelf, "I promise [...] it's not in a hidden corner of our back room."

The letter continues to explain that the owner, having 25 years of experience, cannot control the disruptions in supply caused by the pandemic, and that he is doing the best he can. He reminds us that long lines at checkout are not his employees' fault.

He goes on to defend his team who are "tired," "exhausted," "scared of getting sick," "very under appreciated," "abused all day by customers who have no idea how ignorant they are" and are on the front lines so that we can all get our groceries.

The letter concludes by asking shoppers to pause and think about how they treat people around them, especially during difficult times such as these, and not to forget to "thank the people who helped you" because "they don't have to come to work!"

The full letter: