In honour of #WorldKindnessDay, here are some of your favourite stories of #COVIDKindness

November 13 is recognized across the world as a day to highlight good deeds and celebrate the power of kindness.
By: Madeleine Hall
November 13, 2020

Since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been sharing inspiring acts of #COVIDKindness and championing our Canadian #healthcareheroes to help make these dark days a little brighter.

Today, in honour of #WorldKindnessDay, we’re revisiting some of your favourite stories of #COVIDKindness from across Canada. Scroll down to read them all!

This pandemic’s not over yet, but if there’s anything we’ve learned over the last eight months, it’s that kindness will see us through.

Happy #WorldKindnessDay!


7 months ago

VIDEO: A choir of Canadian women physicians sings "Rise Again" virtually

GTA doctors recorded this inspiring song by Canadian composer Leon Dubinsky as "a tribute to the health care community during these challenging times."
7 months ago

VIDEO: Watch this health care worker tear up when she gets a personal thank you from Jann Arden

Radiologist Amanda Lee is the creator of a viral lip sync video encouraging social distancing to the tune and lyrics of Arden’s "Sleepless".
7 months ago

B.C. business owner switches from making dog beds to surgical masks and N95 respirators

Jason Zanatta bought two mask-manufacturing machines from China and is retraining his employees to make 100,000 of each type of mask per day.
7 months ago

Canadian-invented machine cleans and disinfects N95 masks for reuse by health workers

The Clean Flow Mini was invented to sanitize apples and other produce, but owner Paul Moyer realized it might be able to help fight COVID-19 by cleaning used masks.
7 months ago

Vancouver physician documents colleagues’ 'double lives' in powerful portraits

Dr. Cyrus McEachern’s split-frame portraits serve as a powerful visual representation of the stress health care workers fighting COVID-19 carry into their home lives.