In Ontario, you can now get tested for COVID-19 at many pharmacies

People who currently have no symptoms of the virus can make an appointment for a test at one of up to 60 pharmacy locations across the province.
By: Alison Larabie Chase
October 04, 2020
Photo: Unsplash.

The Ontario government moved to expand its testing capacity for COVID-19 by allowing pharmacies across the province to begin screening people for the virus in late September. The move was intended to reduce pressure on the 150 provincial testing centres, which have seen long lineups and wait times. People who want to get tested at a participating pharmacy must call to make an appointment and must not be experiencing symptoms at the time they go to get tested. This expanded testing access is primarily aimed at those Ontarians who believe they have been exposed to the virus, but are not yet feeling ill.

People visiting a pharmacy to get tested must also follow physical distancing guidelines and wear a face covering while inside the building.

You can find out where your nearest testing centre or participating pharmacy is by visiting




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