Maclean’s They Were Loved project aims to honour each Canadian lost to COVID-19

The partnership between the magazine and Canadian journalism schools hopes to create a central repository of obituaries for those who have died from the disease.
By: Alison Larabie Chase
January 07, 2021
Three of the Canadians lost to COVID-19. Screenshot: Maclean's.

Maclean’s magazine has partnered with Carleton University’s Future of Journalism initiative and with other journalism schools across the country with the aim of creating obituaries that celebrate and honour the lives of each Canadian who has died of COVID-19. They Were Loved is a repository of stories about these individuals, featuring quotes and remembrances from family members, friends, and colleagues. The collection is searchable and each page features a photograph of the deceased. There is a permalink to each obituary so they can be easily shared.

The main page also includes a submission link where Canadians can tell Maclean’s about their loved one, so that they may be added to the collection.

Source: Maclean’s