Med students at U of T support health care workers with child care, grocery shopping

The students have mobilized a volunteer network to provide essential services to health care providers working on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19.
By: Alison Larabie Chase
March 31, 2020
TingTing Yan. Photo: Daniel Neuhaus.
TingTing Yan. Photo: Daniel Neuhaus.

A team of four med students at the University of Toronto has assembled a group of volunteers to offer practical support for health care providers working long hours during the COVID-19 crisis. Second-year student Jordynn Klein spearheaded the effort, along with fellow students TingTing Yan, Daniel Lee, and Orly Bogler. They act as the steering committee, screening, training, and assigning volunteers.

Child care has been the most-requested service, forming about 95 per cent of the work being done by volunteers. Due to high demand, the committee opened up the volunteer pool to students of nursing and other health professions, as well as teachers and early childhood educators.

After just two weeks, the group has over 400 volunteers providing practical assistance to more than 200 health care providers. The initiative is already serving as a model for other medical schools in Canada who want to provide similar assistance to providers in their regions.

Source: Toronto Life

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