Montreal foundation hosts ventilator design contest

Global innovators compete to create life-saving designs, the best of which will receive a $200,000 prize.
By: Madeleine Hall
March 22, 2020
Photo: Montreal General Hospital Foundation

The Montreal General Hospital Foundation is on a mission to save lives through innovation with a recently-launched ventilator design challenge. The foundation's website calls the contest, which runs until the end of March, "a 2-week sprint to collect the best ideas from anywhere in the world."

Ventilators have been growing scarce in parts of the world, as COVID-19 continues to spread. A website set up for the contest, which is co-sponsored by the Research Institute of the McGill University Heath Centre, dictates that proposed designs should be simple, low-cost, and easily manufactured and maintained. A panel of experts will assess the designs, and the top three will be made available for download. A $200,000 CAD prize will be awarded to the winner.

The Foundation's CEO, Jean-Guy Gourdeau, told Global News that, "a big part of this challenge is looking at design solutions that could be shared so that it could be made available to many, and therefore you’re not necessarily limited by current manufacturers."

Source: Montreal General Hospital Foundation, Global News



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