Montreal mural depicts the first wave of the pandemic

Created through a unique collaboration of a visual artist and an epidemiologist, a mural outside CEGEP in Montreal is a visual representation of how each neighborhood was affected during the first 50 days of the city’s outbreak.
By: Heather Marie Connors
November 23, 2020
Photo provided.

A new mural depicts the first wave of COVID-19 in Montreal; each borough was given a different colour and organized alphabetically from the top down.

Artist Shelley Miller and epidemiologist Joanna Merckx created the mural over a span of three months, thanks to the CovidArt program sponsored by Récherche Québec. Artists were paired with scientists to create new public art around the theme of COVID.

"It was a very interesting, also challenging, but also very nice experience to team up with an artist," Merckx told CBC.

Using art, Merckx and Miller hope to bring the data to new audiences by presenting it in a new way.

"What I hope is that we kind of can remember how we lived that first wave” said Merckx, “and that we will not forget — but that we also can learn and we can do things better in the second wave."

Source: CBC Montreal


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