Mother reunited with baby after testing positive for COVID-19 during labour

Montreal mother met her son for a first time nearly two months after giving birth.
By: Stewart Wiseman
June 09, 2020
Photo: CTV News Montreal

A mother and her newborn baby have been reunited after 55 days apart. Emmanuelle (who asked not to have her full name published) was separated from her baby immediately after an emergency C-section, during which doctors discovered that she had COVID-19. The diagnosis came as a complete shock to Emmanuelle, who did not display any COVID-19 symptoms. Emmanuelle was only 26-weeks pregnant when she began to have severe stomach pains, which were revealed to be premature labour contractions.

Once the C-section was complete, Emmanuelle was told that her baby was a boy, but was not permitted to touch or even see her baby as a coronavirus preventative measure. Emmanuelle was tested for COVID-19 weekly hoping the virus had left her system, but she continued to test positive for seven weeks. During her isolation, staff at Montreal's St-Justine Hospital set up an iPad for her to be able to see and talk to her baby while she waited at home for the virus to pass. To make matters worse, the baby's father was out of the country when the borders were closed and has not been allowed back in.

After finally testing negative for COVID-19, Emmanuelle was able to meet her son for a first time last week, 55 days after giving birth. Emmanuelle was overrun with emotion to see her son face-to-face, and says she is focusing now on making up for lost time.

Source: CTV News Montreal

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