Music fills the atrium at Credit Valley Hospital, raising the spirits of workers and patients alike

Four health care workers at the Mississauga hospital have taken up playing the piano, replacing volunteers who can’t enter the facility due to the pandemic.
By: Alison Larabie Chase
October 13, 2020
Some of the musicians at Credit Valley Hospital. Photo: CTV News.

In pre-COVID times, the Credit Valley Hospital’s atrium was usually filled with the sound of music: volunteers took turns playing a grand piano for the enjoyment of both medical staff and patients, through a Trillium Health Partners program called Music of Healing and Hope. But once the pandemic hit, the music came to an abrupt end as volunteers were banned from the facility for safety reasons. Those working in the hospital found it eerily quiet without the usual piano notes audible during their workday.

But recently the music has begun again, thanks to four health care workers who have taken up performing on their lunch breaks. Radiation therapist Letizia Chung was the first to ask if she could play, despite not having used her piano skills since high school. She missed hearing the music and wanted to contribute in her own way.

Three other health care workers also stepped up, including Dian Ramnarine, an operating room nurse, and now music is a frequent sound in the hospital once again. Diana Gawel, the hospital’s volunteer resource administrative assistant, says the four musicians “have truly changed the atrium and brought a sense of togetherness back.”

Source: CTV News



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