New online tracker offers real-time updates on potential COVID-19 vaccines

McGill epidemiologist Nicole Basta’s team has created an interactive vaccine tracker to ensure the public is receiving verified, timely, and trustworthy information.
By: Alison Larabie Chase
September 10, 2020
Dr. Nicole Basta. Photo: Brian Carnell.

Dr. Nicole Basta, an epidemiologist and vaccinologist at McGill University’s School of Population and Global Health, was concerned about the amount of misinformation being reported in the press about COVID-19 vaccines currently in development. So she and her team created an online vaccine tracker that’s publicly accessible to anyone, in an effort to ensure that people are getting reliable information about vaccines. Their goal is to “improve understanding about the vaccine testing process, and manage expectations about when a vaccine may be available.”

The tracker includes information about each of the vaccines that are currently undergoing human trials (there are more than 30!) and what phase of development it is in right now. It also sets out the vaccine type, offers some background on the developers, and reveals which countries are involved in the process. In addition, users from anywhere in the world can submit questions about the COVID-19 vaccines being developed.

The tracker also includes a community immunity simulation tool that lets users decide how much of a given population is vaccinated and then view the results of COVID-19 spread in that community. Dr. Basta’s team hopes that providing this information will increase the public’s willingness to get vaccinated once an effective vaccine is developed and released.

Source: McGill University



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