New video teaches kids about getting tested for COVID-19

Inspired by his daughter’s curiosity, a microbiologist at BC Children’s Hospital created a video to help prepare children for the coronavirus swab test.
By: Heather Marie Connors
July 25, 2020
Still image provided by BC Children's Hospital.

When Dr. David Goldfarb’s six year-old daughter Ella expressed interest in how the coronavirus test works, he realized it would be a good thing if children knew more about the process of getting tested. So with the help of his colleagues at the Children’s Hospital, Dr. Goldfarb created an informational video depicting his daughter getting the nasal swab, which has now been viewed more than 40,000 times. The intent of the video is to prepare both the children who need to get tested and the healthcare workers who administer the tests.

"We wanted to make sure kids would feel comfortable being tested and centres would feel comfortable testing them," said Dr. Goldfarb.

The expectation is that more children will be tested starting in the fall, when school resumes. Dr. Goldfarb hopes that parents watch the video with their kids, to both inform and to reduce anxiety.

Source: CTV Vancouver


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