Nunavut still has no confirmed COVID-19 cases

The territory’s isolated location, public health regulations, and experience with other diseases have made it the last in Canada to be free of confirmed cases.
By: Alison Larabie Chase
April 13, 2020
Jason Franson/The Canadian Press/File

As of this writing, Nunavut still does not have a single confirmed case of COVID-19, making it the only Canadian province or territory in that situation. That’s likely due to several factors, including the difficulty in getting to Nunavut and strong public health measures that have virtually locked down the territory since March 24.

The territory’s experience with tuberculosis infections means contact tracing (finding people who have been exposed to potentially infected individuals) is something they are very experienced with. Also, any Nunavut residents who have been out of the territory must self-isolate at government-run sites in Winnipeg, Ottawa, Edmonton or Yellowknife before returning home.

Nunavut’s health minister George Hickes says the lesson they have taken from other provinces and territories is to “act aggressively, fast” to avoid the spread of the virus within their communities and so far, it’s working.

Source: Ottawa Citizen