Ontario woman released from hospital after 87-day battle with COVID-19

76-year-old Jessie Jacobs discharged after prolonged hospitalization with COVID-19.
By: Stewart Wiseman
July 03, 2020
Photo: CTV News Toronto

Three months from the day that she was hospitalized with COVID-19, Jessie Jacobs was finally able to see her family members again. 87 days after first being admitted to hospital, 76-year old Jessie Jacobs was discharged on Thursday. As she entered the main public floor of the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, Jacobs was greeted by balloons, banners, and cheering doctors holding up signs to congratulate her. The warm welcome left Jacobs speechless and emotional, with family members holding a large banner in front of the hospital reading "87DAYSUDIDIT!" Jacobs's daughter, Lisa Frank, said that her mother's brave months-long battle against the virus took an incredible toll on the family. “It’s been scary, we thought we were going to lose her multiple times," said Frank. Jacobs had not been able to see her family since the day that she tested positive for COVID-19 on April 8.

Jacobs was not sure why there were many people cheering with balloons on the main floor of the hospital, but as she approached them she could not believe that the festivities were all happening to celebrate her survival. "Coming out and seeing all the people and wondering what was going on -- and [realizing] it was for me -- was unbelievable,” said Jacobs.

Jessie Jacobs was initially given oxygen upon being admitted to the hospital, but soon had to be placed on a ventilator. Of the 87 days that Jacobs spent in the hospital, she was on a ventilator for an entire month. "I had to fight. I just could not see myself giving in," said Jacobs. "I’m not like that. I’m not that kind of a person. So I did fight.” Jacobs's son, Mike, is urging people to keep taking precautions and stay vigilant. “You could be 15, 30 or 40, and you could breeze it, but if you get it and you give the virus to someone older, they may not.”

Source: CTV News



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