Ottawa Hospital researchers working on ways to treat COVID-19 and understand its impacts

The hospital received funding for three projects from the Ontario government’s COVID-19 Rapid Research Fund.
By: Alison Larabie Chase
June 03, 2020

Hospitals provide health care, but they also conduct research into ways to treat diseases such as COVID-19 more effectively, and thanks to focused research grants from the Government of Ontario’s COVID-19 Rapid Research Fund, three teams at the Ottawa Hospital are forging ahead with pandemic-related projects.

One team received $1.2 million to research a cell therapy that may keep the body’s immune system from overreacting to COVID-19 and causing lung damage or even death in an affected patient. The therapy uses cells from bone marrow and umbilical cord blood donations.

A second team was granted nearly $445,000 to investigate drug therapies for COVID-19 treatment. They are examining both existing drugs and ones that have not yet been used to treat other conditions.

The third project received nearly $200,000 to conduct community research that will determine how COVID-19 affects marginalized populations, including people with low incomes and those experiencing homelessness. These efforts will allow health authorities to offer more effective assistance for vulnerable people during a crisis.

Source: Ottawa Hospital Research Institute



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