Ottawa school board invites families to thank health care workers through letters, drawings, videos

The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board set up the #ThankYouFromOCDSB campaign to offer support and encouragement to front-line workers fighting COVID-19 in their community.
By: Alison Larabie Chase
July 10, 2020
Screenshot from OCDSB web page.
Screenshot from OCDSB web page.

Imagine you’re a health care worker on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19: Long shifts, tough days, and not much time or opportunity to see your family. It might take a lot to make you smile. What about a heartfelt letter, a beautiful drawing, or an adorable video of a kid wearing a Wonder Woman costume or singing a song? The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) thinks those might help. They’ve set up a page on their website to encourage kids and their families to express their thanks to health care workers in either a letter, a picture, or a video.

For kids who want to participate but might not know how to begin, the OCDSB has also created templates that can be used as a starting point. Participants can send their submissions to the school board by email, through a Google form, or by tagging the OCDSB on Twitter. And that Wonder Woman video? It really exists, and it’s adorable. There are others, including an ABBA-scored tribute to grocery-store workers. Check them out below, and feel free to join in the chorus of thanks if you like!

Source: OCDSB