Ottawa six-year-old raises more than $5,000 for long-term care home

Lennox Donnelly's original goal was to raise $50, and ended up with a hundred times that.
By: Julien Dussault
May 24, 2020
Photo: CBC News

With the help of his family, Lennox Donnelly began making and selling macramé key chains to fundraise in support of Almonte Country Haven, a long-term care home where his aunt works. He started with a dozen and after selling out within minutes, he decided to make more.

Soon, folks from Toronto, Ottawa, and the surrounding areas started asking for them. Lennox's original goal was to raise $50, and as of late April he had raised over $300, all of which was donated to the Haven.

The Ottawa firm MG Law was inspired by the example Lennox set and donated $5,000 to his fundraising efforts. In the end, a total of $5,615 was donated to the staff at Almonte Country Haven.

"I’m very, very proud of this guy" says his father, Clayton Donnelly, "I don't even know adults who come up with these kinds of ideas".

Source: CBC News



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