Pandemos app lets health care providers share information and hacks to help fight COVID-19

The app, created by a medical resident at U of T and two veterans of the health tech field, allows doctors to find and share new and developing information and tips that can help them on the front lines of the pandemic.
By: Alison Larabie Chase
June 30, 2020
Pandemos app home page (screen shot)

The good news is that an enormous amount of new information and innovation related to the COVID-19 pandemic appears every day. The bad news is that it’s nearly impossible for health care providers to find, read, absorb, and share all of that information so it can be put to use in their facilities. That’s why Dr. Andrew Cameron, an emergency medical resident at the University of Toronto, created the Pandemos app in partnership with Tommaso D’Ovidio and Martin Persaud, who both work in the health technology field.

The physician-only app finds and aggregates COVID-19 information, hacks, tips, and treatment best practices, so health care providers working on the front lines can quickly and easily search for solutions to the immediate problems they’re dealing with. Pandemos saves them from having to wade through hundreds of emails or texts and potentially billions of social-media posts to find the useful information that’s out there, such as using a baby monitor to communicate with an patient in isolation at a hospital with bad Wi-Fi.

Similarly, if a doctor discovers a useful or interesting approach or observes something new while working a shift, they can share it in Pandemos right away, where it can be read by doctors from across the world who are facing the same challenges. The information on the ap is prioritized to be actionable and summarized succinctly, so it can be quickly absorbed and put into use.

Learn more about Pandemos by watching the video below:

Source: Pandemos



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