Red Deer family builds a special library for tween with autism

11-year-old David Bowie loves the public library, but since it’s closed due to COVID-19, the Schurman family created one he can visit safely.
By: Alison Larabie Chase
May 27, 2020
David and his library. Photo: We Are Red Deer

The library is David Bowie’s happy place. His mom Candice says the 11-year-old, who has autism, has been missing his routines, especially his frequent visits to look through books and DVDs at the Red Deer public library. He even made a video asking her why he couldn’t go to the library or to school. When their family friends the Schurmans, whose daughter also has autism, found out how David was feeling, they turned their garage into a personal library just for him, collecting used DVDs from family members and friends to stock its shelves. Aware that it’s important for David to know what to expect from new situations, they sent him photos of the library and invited him to come and check it out.

Now, David can text the Schurmans when he wants to come over and browse the DVDs. Candice says the garage library has given David back “a sense of normalcy” and that she has seen a positive change in his mood since he’s been able to go back to doing something that he loves so much.

Source: We Are Red Deer