Saskatchewan laboratory and National Research Council team up to increase production of potential COVID-19 vaccine

The lab at the University of Saskatchewan hopes the assistance from the NRC will allow them to make more of the candidate vaccine they are studying and produce it more quickly for testing.
By: Alison Larabie Chase
May 14, 2020
NIAID-RML / The Associated Press

Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan’s Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization-International Vaccine Centre (known as VIDO-InterVac) are currently working on a potential vaccine for COVID-19. They have teamed up with the National Research Council (NRC) to try and manufacture their test vaccine more quickly and efficiently, using a type of mammalian cell created by the NRC. These living cells are able to multiply on their own to quickly reproduce the proteins needed to manufacture the vaccine.

If the process works, Dr. Paul Hodgson of VIDO-InterVac says it could help speed up the entire process of determining whether the vaccine works and is safe for human use. It would also increase Canada's capacity to produce vaccines in order to meet high demand.

Source: Saskatoon Star-Phoenix