Stratford doctor gains YouTube fame for COVID-19 videos

Dr. Sean Blaine's videos provide information and updates about COVID-19 to a large online audience.
By: Stewart Wiseman
June 25, 2020
Photo: CBC

One April night, Dr. Sean Blaine found himself growing increasingly frustrated over the phone with a colleague about the best practices that the Ontario and Canadian governments should be taking in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. As Dr. Blaine's rant about testing continued, his friend interjected and said, "I want to film you doing this." Two months later, and Dr. Sean Blaine has become a YouTube celebrity for sharing his thoughts on the pandemic with the online world. In his videos, the Stratford family physician offers his advice for how to best navigate the current crisis, and provides a relatable voice for others struggling to grapple with the rapid changes. "I don't know about you, but the past couple of months have sure been a whirlwind for me and my colleagues," begins Dr. Blaine in one of his more popular videos, providing a sense of togetherness and community for viewers.

Two of the more prominent themes that Dr. Blaine has revisited are the importance of wearing masks in public and the need to start testing the general population for COVID-19 antibodies. "We need to know who is immune and who is not to get us back on our feet," said Dr. Blaine. His latest video, titled Matter of Masks, was posted five days ago and already has 30,000 views. The videos are produced and filmed by Stratford documentary filmmaker Craig Thompson, and often feature Dr. Blaine walking and talking in deserted Stratford parks and streets. The videos have been praised by Canadians across the country, with many applauding Dr. Blaine's clarity and sense of urgency.

Source: CBC News



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