The COVID-19 gender matrix

SFU researchers are studying the gendered impact of the pandemic, helping to shape the international response to this and future health crises.
By: Heather Marie Connors
June 28, 2020
Photo provided

Dr. Julia Smith and Dr. Kelley Lee of Simon Fraser University are examining how sex and gender can be factors in the experience of COVID-19. Studies that focus on how the pandemic and it’s related policies affect genders differently are currently being conducted in Canada, China, the UK and Hong Kong. Utilizing sex and gender-based analysis, the team is looking for insights that will identify gaps and influence health policy going forward.

To assist in their research, Dr. Smith and her team are developing a COVID-19 Gender Matrix - a tool that captures gendered case study data, along with comprehensive resources to assist non-experts and policy-makers in processing the information in a timely manner.

“Making informed decisions about social impacts during a health crisis not only promotes equality and empowerment but is simply good public health,” explains Dr. Smith. “We need to ensure that our response to a public health crisis doesn’t cause undue harm to those already experiencing inequities.”

Source: Canadian Institute of Health Research


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