Toronto cancer survivor sews 600 masks for community

Deanna Insley is donating the masks to the hospital where she received treatment and to people in need.
By: Stewart Wiseman
June 03, 2020
Photo: CTV News Toronto

Deanna Insley has long had a passion for sewing, and when she heard of a mask shortage in the community, she realized that her passion can help keep the community safe. Masks have been shown to reduce the spread of COVID-19 transmission, and wearing a mask in public has even become mandatory in some parts of Canada. Insley is a breast cancer and bone cancer survivor, and she wants to make sure that others who have weakened immune systems are protected.

Insley has been sewing masks since March, and she recently surpassed 600 masks made. With all masks fabricated with one sewing machine at home, her housemate has joked that it now looks like there's a factory in their kitchen. Deanna Insley has an eye for interesting patterns and colours, and after giving a few masks to some friends, requests have been almost non-stop. Insley gives all the masks away for free, and has donated several of them to the hospital where she received her cancer treatments. Insley says that she would "make 1000 masks for them if they need it" to thank hospital staff for the support they have given her. Presently, Insley's biggest challenge is a shortage of elastics, but she plans to continue sewing masks for as long as they are needed.

Source: CTV News Toronto



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