Toronto doctors and researchers create ICU training guide for health care professionals fighting COVID-19

The website helps non-ICU medical professionals redeployed from other specialties brush up on the skills needed to treat critically ill patients.
By: Alison Larabie Chase
April 11, 2020
Stella Ng, a member of the CCEPP. Photo: Toronto Star.
Stella Ng, a member of the CCEPP. Photo: Toronto Star.

A team of researchers and clinicians at the University of Toronto and several teaching hospitals, calling themselves the Critical Care Education Pandemic Preparedness Team (CCEPP), has put together a website to help non-ICU medical professionals quickly acquire the knowledge they need to treat COVID-19 patients. Many health care professionals are being redeployed from their usual specialty to support intensive-care teams that fear becoming overwhelmed with patients during the pandemic. Those coming from other areas of medicine may not have recent ICU experience and need help refreshing or acquiring the appropriate skills.

The Quick ICU Training for COVID-19 website offers educational and practical resources on intensive care and treatment of severe respiratory illness, including lectures, procedural videos, slide presentations, and pocket guides that doctors can print out and take with them to work.

Though the information on the website is based on Ontario’s health system, other medical professionals from around the world have begun using this valuable online resource as a reference.

Source: Toronto Star