Toronto ER doctor spearheads donation of old cellphones to city’s most vulnerable

The phones provide a means of connection for people who may have trouble accessing health and social services offered by the city.
By: Alison Larabie Chase
April 07, 2020
Dr. Andrea Somers. Photo: Scott Lightfoot, CTV News.
Dr. Andrea Somers. Photo: Scott Lightfoot, CTV News.

Dr. Andrea Somers, an emergency room physician at Toronto General Hospital, is leading a donation drive for older flip phones and smartphones to help the most vulnerable people in the city, such as those experiencing homelessness, addiction, or mental health issues, stay connected to essential services.

Somers planned the campaign prior to the pandemic, but says that during such a crisis, being able to easily reach out for assistance and receive information from service providers becomes even more important. Having a phone allows someone to receive COVID-19 test results and treatment advice and access medical and social supports.

In addition to individual donors, Bell Mobility has contributed to the campaign by donating smartphones and SIM cards. Somers says people from across Canada have contacted her to learn how they can undertake similar efforts in their area.

Source: CTV News