Trio of med students creating digital portraits of health care workers

Echogram, run by three medical students from UBC and U of T, offers hand-drawn portraits in exchange for donations to the Frontline Fund, which supports Canadian hospitals.
By: Alison Larabie Chase
May 31, 2020
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Emily Chen, Melissa Lee, and Kimberly Young are celebrating and honouring health care heroes on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic by creating hand-drawn digital portraits of these individuals. All three are current medical students who felt the need to do something tangible to say “thank you” to their future colleagues, who are putting their own health on the line to fight this disease. So the Echogram website was born.

Anyone can commission a portrait, whether for themselves or for a loved one. All proceeds are donated to the Frontline Fund, which helps Canadian hospitals purchase needed supplies and conduct research.

As the project grows, Echogram will also be showcasing stories from front line workers on the “Behind the Mask” section of the website.

Source: Echogram

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