Vancouver Coastal Health now using TikTok to help curb the spread of coronavirus among young people

The biggest increase of positive cases over the last two months in B.C. are in people aged 20 - 39. Vancouver’s health authority has launched a new campaign to combat this, including TikTok videos.
By: Heather Marie Connors
August 26, 2020
Images provided by Vancouver Coastal Health.
Images provided by Vancouver Coastal Health.

The median age of those who test positive for COVID-19 in B.C. has dropped from 57, in the first months of the pandemic, to 34. This demographic shift in cases coincided with the province’s phase 3 reopening plan. Many businesses where young people work, such as restaurants and bars, reopened in phase 3; but contract tracing data shows that parties shoulder the greater amount of responsibility for the increase in cases among young people.

“We’re seeing transmission take place in nightclubs in particular, but also at bars and restaurants, while boating and in other indoor social settings,” said Dr. Patricia Daly, chief medical health officer. “It’s the way people act and interact in these settings that’s problematic: Sharing food and drinks, speaking loudly and in close proximity if there’s background noise, and not social distancing among strangers, especially if they’ve been drinking alcohol.”

A new campaign launched Aug.6, aims to change this trend. TikTok videos starring Coastal Health staffer and stand-up comedian Danika Thibault, use humour to address subjects like physical distancing and saying no to non-essential gatherings.

“These are things we never thought we’d do with health-care communications,” said Deana Lancaster, Coastal Health spokesperson. “But these are strange times.”

Source: Vancouver Sun


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