Vancouver plywood store donates surplus of N95 masks to a local hospital

Over 200 masks were pulled off the shelves and delivered to Lions Gate Hospital.
By: Madeleine Hall
March 21, 2020
Photo: LGHFoundation (Instagram)
Photo: LGHFoundation (Instagram)

Hospitals across Canada are facing personal protective equipment shortages, news of which prompted Windsor Plywood in Vancouver, BC to offer their supply of N95 masks up to nearby Lions Gate Hospital. N95 masks are said to offer up to 5x protection against the COVID-19 virus.

A Windsor employee told CBC’s The National in a video call that upon suggesting the donation of the masks to his boss, he was directed to: “Pull them off the shelves right away.”

A rep from Lions Gate Hospital Foundation told CBC that the over 200 masks were “delivered with a big smile, and received with a big smile as well.”

Source: CBC's The National



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