VIDEO: Inspired by Toronto group, Calgary doctor created a local physician’s choir

Members have a wide range of singing experience but say it helps them feel connected and eases their worries.
By: Alison Larabie Chase
June 07, 2020
Screenshot: Alberta Health Services/YouTube

Dr. Wendy Hall works as an anesthesiologist at Rockyview General Hospital in Calgary. She heard about the Toronto Physicians Choir moving its practices online during the COVID-19 pandemic and decided it was time that Calgary-area women doctors had a choir of their own. She put out a call for members and received more than 60 responses, about 50 of whom are now regular participants in the weekly virtual practice sessions.

Dr. Hall connected with Kathryn Parrotta, who became the choir’s artistic director. Parrotta calls the choir experience “a type of therapy” for participants. Choir member Dr. Michelle Cunningham agrees, saying that for one hour a week, when she is focused on learning the songs and connecting with fellow singers, she doesn’t think about the other worries in her life.

The choir will continue to practice together online for the duration of the pandemic, but are all looking forward to the day when they can sing together in person. Learn more about the Calgary Physicians Choir in the video below.

Source: YouTube/Alberta Health Services

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