Yukon administers its first COVID-19 vaccines to long-term care residents and workers

The Moderna vaccine arrived a week ago, the territory’s vaccine strategy prioritizes care homes, elderly people and healthcare workers.
By: Heather Marie Connors
January 06, 2021
Photo by Mark Kelly Photography/Government of Yukon

The Department of Health and Social Services confirmed that the first week of the Yukon’s vaccine rollout would focus on long-term care residents and staff. This priority group consists of just over 1,100 people and the government is hopeful they will all choose to get vaccinated.

The first recipients of the COVID-19 vaccine were 84-year-old Agnes Mills and 103-year-old Mary Merchant.

Merchant, a trained nurse who moved to the Yukon in 1995, was born in Scotland and lived through the 1918 pandemic.

The third vaccine went to Jun Carpina, a domestic aide at Whistle Bend Place care home.

Health Minister Pauline Frost, along with Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Brendan Hanley, are encouraging Yukoners to get vaccinated when their turn comes. The next delivery of 7,200 doses of the Moderna vaccine is expected to arrive soon.

"Over time, it will allow us to return to a normal life, but now is not the time to let our guard down. Stay vigilant, continue to practice the 'Safe 6 plus 1,' and get ready to roll up your sleeve," said Dr. Hanley to CBC.

Source: CBC North


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