10 months ago

Fanshawe College shares ventilators used for teaching with local hospitals

With the campus closed, a faculty member said leaving the ventilators unused "didn't make any sense."
10 months ago

Pour aider les personnes aînées, Dominique Michel et Bernard Derome enregistrent des messages téléphoniques informationnels

Commençant en soirée du 20 mars, les personnes âgées de plus de 70 ans qui sont surtout vulnérables à la COVID-19 recevront des messages avec consignes du gouvernement directement sur leurs téléphones.
10 months ago

VIDEO: Loved ones get creative with retirement centre visits

In the adorable video, a woman sits in the trunk of her car in the parking lot outside her mother’s first floor unit while the two chat happily on the phone.
10 months ago

Un médecin canadien double la capacité des ventilateurs

En préparation pour l'éventuelle vague de la COVID-19, Dr Gauthier double la capacité des soins par ventilateurs dans son hôpital à Perth, Ontario.
10 months ago

London, ON residents ‘love-bomb’ doctors with much needed supplies

The group has rounded up thousands of gloves and masks from local nail salons, spas, and veterinary clinics.
10 months ago

Vancouver plywood store donates surplus of N95 masks to a local hospital

Over 200 masks were pulled off the shelves and delivered to Lions Gate Hospital.
10 months ago

Ontario distillery crafts homemade sanitizer for frontline workers

Their supply of more than 5,000 bottles was exhausted in days, however wineries and importers from across the region have stepped up to help.
10 months ago

McMaster med students throw support behind frontline health care workers

More than 100 have stepped up to the plate, offering to babysit and run errands for hospital staff in their community.
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