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8 days ago

Health Canada approves use of remdesivir to treat COVID-19 patients

Antiviral medication has been shown to shorten COVID-19 recovery time by 31%.
17 days ago

Several COVID-19 antibody studies underway in Quebec

Quebec research will reveal prevalence of COVID-19 antibodies in general population and specific vulnerable groups.

Vancouver study analyzes which COVID-19 patients are at greatest risk of organ failure

UBC study aims to help identify COVID-19 patients in need of critical care.

Toronto hospital free of COVID-19 patients for first time since March

For the first time in months, Humber River Hospital has no COVID patients in its ICU.
a month ago

Ontario woman released from hospital after 87-day battle with COVID-19

76-year-old Jessie Jacobs discharged after prolonged hospitalization with COVID-19.

Montreal researcher developing nanoparticle-based COVID-19 vaccine

Dr. Denis Archambault is working to combat COVID-19 with a novel nanovaccine.

University of Saskatchewan researchers developing saliva-based test to detect COVID-19

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research awarded the project team over $550,000 to fund research into the diagnostic test, which they hope will be available by early next year.
2 months ago

Canadian doctors impressed by Oxford dexamethasone study

In findings released this week, Oxford University researchers hailed dexamethasone as the first drug that can improve COVID-19 survival.
2 months ago

Infectious disease expert predicts COVID-19 vaccine will be released in 2020

Dr. Gary Kobinger anticipates that a COVID-19 vaccine is "months, not years away."
2 months ago

McGill University researchers develop new "Made in Canada" COVID-19 test

Researchers at McGill University have already made 15,000 RT-PCR testing kits and may make universal testing a reality.
2 months ago

Promising results for University of Saskatchewan COVID-19 vaccine

A vaccine produced by the University of Saskatchewan has proven "highly effective" in ferrets.
3 months ago

U of T researchers developing a rapid COVID-19 antibody test

The new test will be able to determine if a person has been infected with SARS-CoV-2 and developed antibodies to it in less than an hour.
3 months ago

Santé Canada autorise les premiers essais cliniques de vaccins sur humains

Ceci pourrait être la première étape vers un vaccin distribué partout dans le pays.
3 months ago

Résultats encourageants pour un vaccin créé par une entreprise québécoise

L'entreprise biopharmaceutique Medicago a annoncé que les résultats de la première ronde de tests sont positifs.
3 months ago

SFU professor's invention to help recovery of ventilator patients approved for use in U.S.

Under an Emergency Use Authorization, the F.D.A. approved the use of electrical stimulation to strengthen the diaphragm, which can weaken with prolonged ventilator use.
3 months ago

Canadian researchers first in the world to treat COVID-19 with a specialized procedure

A team of doctors in London, ON successfully treated a patient with COVID-19 using a modified dialysis machine.
3 months ago

New Brunswick reports no new COVID-19 cases for 16th day in a row

"We have come a long way, but we are still vulnerable. Our province is still under a state of emergency, and we must continue to follow the advice of Public Health."
3 months ago

Un million de personnes guéries du coronavirus dans le monde

Les données ont été compilées, et la nouvelle est positive.
3 months ago

Canadian-invented machine cleans and disinfects N95 masks for reuse by health workers

The Clean Flow Mini was invented to sanitize apples and other produce, but owner Paul Moyer realized it might be able to help fight COVID-19 by cleaning used masks.
3 months ago

Un nouveau masque N95 fait avec une imprimante 3D

Ce masque en résine biomédicale est aussi efficace qu’un N95, et il est réutilisable.
4 months ago

Ottawa company produces a new rapid test for COVID-19

The Canadian-made test can produce results in under an hour, without laboratory equipment.
4 months ago

Nouveau prototype de respirateur conçu par une firme Montréalaise

La firme CAE a créé un nouveau respirateur qui peut être construit plus rapidement que la plupart des modèles présentement utilisés.
4 months ago

Un hôpital dans l’hôpital!

L'hôpital communautaire Notre-Dame à Montréal travaille avec un expert en Ebola pour construire un «hôpital dans un hôpital» et réduire le risque de contamination de la COVID-19.
5 months ago

Un médecin canadien double la capacité des ventilateurs

En préparation pour l'éventuelle vague de la COVID-19, Dr Gauthier double la capacité des soins par ventilateurs dans son hôpital à Perth, Ontario.