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2 days ago

COVID Alert smartphone application now available in Ontario

The app uses Bluetooth to determine whether your phone has been in close contact with the phone of another app user who reports testing positive for COVID-19.
8 days ago

Health Canada approves use of remdesivir to treat COVID-19 patients

Antiviral medication has been shown to shorten COVID-19 recovery time by 31%.
17 days ago

Several COVID-19 antibody studies underway in Quebec

Quebec research will reveal prevalence of COVID-19 antibodies in general population and specific vulnerable groups.
18 days ago

New platform helps businesses and charities get PPE more quickly and efficiently

CovidPPEHelp, created by faculty members at the Rotman School of Management, connects those who need equipment with manufacturers and suppliers, and enables donations of PPE to charities.

Vancouver study analyzes which COVID-19 patients are at greatest risk of organ failure

UBC study aims to help identify COVID-19 patients in need of critical care.

U of T researchers find pasteurization can kill COVID-19 virus in breast milk

The team used the common Holder method of pasteurization to neutralize the virus in donated human milk, so it can be safely fed to babies.

London-area COVID-19 patients being supported and monitored through virtual clinic

A team of doctors at London Health Sciences Centre in southern Ontario created the Urgent COVID-19 Care Clinic, which tracks diagnosed patients to ensure they are admitted as soon as they need hospital care.
a month ago

University of Alberta researcher studying whether HVAC systems can spread COVID-19

Dr. Lexuan Zhong and her team are blending engineering and medical research to examine how and whether the virus can be carried and transmitted through air that’s pushed around by ventilation systems.

Montreal researcher developing nanoparticle-based COVID-19 vaccine

Dr. Denis Archambault is working to combat COVID-19 with a novel nanovaccine.
a month ago

Pandemos app lets health care providers share information and hacks to help fight COVID-19

The app, created by a medical resident at U of T and two veterans of the health tech field, allows doctors to find and share new and developing information and tips that can help them on the front lines of the pandemic.

University of Saskatchewan researchers developing saliva-based test to detect COVID-19

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research awarded the project team over $550,000 to fund research into the diagnostic test, which they hope will be available by early next year.
a month ago

Mississauga man sews specialized masks for the hard-of-hearing

Max Cucchiella's masks ensure that people are safe while the deaf community is not left behind.
2 months ago

University of Alberta researchers studying a drug used on cats that could help treat COVID-19 in humans

Dr. Joanne Lemieux and her team are testing a drug used to treat feline infectious peritonitis, another coronavirus, to see if it can keep COVID-19 from replicating in human cells.
2 months ago

Infectious disease expert predicts COVID-19 vaccine will be released in 2020

Dr. Gary Kobinger anticipates that a COVID-19 vaccine is "months, not years away."
2 months ago

Ottawa Hospital researchers working on ways to treat COVID-19 and understand its impacts

The hospital received funding for three projects from the Ontario government’s COVID-19 Rapid Research Fund.
2 months ago

McGill University researchers develop new "Made in Canada" COVID-19 test

Researchers at McGill University have already made 15,000 RT-PCR testing kits and may make universal testing a reality.
2 months ago

Specialized transparent masks developed for hard-of-hearing

Ottawa couple finds "clear" solution for the overlooked needs of the deaf and hard-of-hearing.
2 months ago

Promising results for University of Saskatchewan COVID-19 vaccine

A vaccine produced by the University of Saskatchewan has proven "highly effective" in ferrets.
2 months ago

Check this app before heading to your grocery store to see what’s available

Saskatchewan professor Dr. Melanie Morrison created the crowd-sourced What’s in Stock app to help people prevent wasted trips to the store during COVID-19.
3 months ago

First Canadian clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccine to be led by Dalhousie University researchers

The Canadian Centre for Vaccinology will soon begin testing the potential vaccine to see how well it is tolerated by both younger and older adults.
3 months ago

U of T researchers developing a rapid COVID-19 antibody test

The new test will be able to determine if a person has been infected with SARS-CoV-2 and developed antibodies to it in less than an hour.
3 months ago

App invented in Ottawa helping families stay connected with loved ones in hospital

aTouchAway makes it easy for people in hospitals or nursing homes to video-call their loved ones while in-person visits are restricted due to COVID-19.
3 months ago

Résultats encourageants pour un vaccin créé par une entreprise québécoise

L'entreprise biopharmaceutique Medicago a annoncé que les résultats de la première ronde de tests sont positifs.
3 months ago

Saskatchewan laboratory and National Research Council team up to increase production of potential COVID-19 vaccine

The lab at the University of Saskatchewan hopes the assistance from the NRC will allow them to make more of the candidate vaccine they are studying and produce it more quickly for testing.
3 months ago

SFU professor's invention to help recovery of ventilator patients approved for use in U.S.

Under an Emergency Use Authorization, the F.D.A. approved the use of electrical stimulation to strengthen the diaphragm, which can weaken with prolonged ventilator use.